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OfflineMap Download "NSURLErrorDomain error -1013"

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on Mar 24, 2015
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We are getting this error while trying to download the map on the ArcGIS Collector for iOS.

After we select the Esri basemap area to download the map starts downloading and when the progress bar reaches almost the end we get the error : Cannot download Map "NSURLErrorDomain error -1013"


Things to consider.


1-) The map works fine if we open it (and not download it). We can edit features and changes are going back to the server.

2-) The Feature Layers are published in British National Grid. Spatial Reference: 27700

3-) Feature Layer Properties:


Sync Capabilities:   Supports Registering Existing Data: true

Supports Sync Direction Control: true

Supports PerLayer Sync: true

Supports PerReplica Sync: false

Supports RollbackOnFailure : false

Supports Async: true


4-) There are no errors from the ArcGIS Server side.


Any ideas of why we cannot download the map ?