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PostGIS PG_Geometry support in 10.3

Question asked by dsicbs on Mar 24, 2015
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We have a PostgreSQL 9.3.6 (x64) and PostGIS 2.1.5 extension installed. We have several spatial tables in it. We want to connect this DB to our ArcMap 10.3, but we can't have any success. I got DBMS error and can't figure our how to fix it. Is there any tutorial or documentation that shows clearly how to connect current PostGIS database without installing SDE?


Also I still have questions about editing PostGIS without using ST_Geometry (SDE format) because we have some geometry services written in .NET which accesses PostGIS directly. We don't want to break this link, is this possible with ESRI tech? I don't want to create two databases and sync them together to achieve this process.


Any help or suggestion will be appreciated


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