Map Services won't display in Google API  but work fine in our Flex Application

Discussion created by ctalleygreenville on Sep 16, 2010
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Help!  This has got to be easy - but I have been programming in Flex and needed to do javascript to embed a simple map into a website.

We have two map services we want to display in a VERY simple app. One is a race route and the other is a lead vehicle location (through AVL - but set up as a map service).  Both work fine in a Flex application - can view while on City's network and off city's network from IE, Firefox, etc.

But the simple javascript app won't display the map services from anywhere outside the City's network.  They work great while I am on the City's network.   The google key matches one that we use for a StreetMap viewer within Flex so we know it is good for that internet server.

Off City's network - I can even view the rest services "using javascript" within the Rest Services Directory and they display fine individually.

Sorry if this is such an easy question - but I can't find the answer and we needed to have it working by Friday noon! 

http://gis.greenvillesc.gov/pmt.html  is an example of what we have.