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Question asked by rnr0004 on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by rnr0004

Can't seem to get this to clip to the geometry boundary of the .shp file.  Instead, its clipping to the max extent.  Can anyone tell me why?


import arcpy


shp = r'C:\Users\Robby\Desktop\Project_3\hydrologic_unitsHUC8\wbdhu12_a_al089.shp'

raster = r'C:\Users\Robby\Desktop\Test\final_mosaic.tif'



arcpy.Clip_management (raster,

                       in_template_dataset = shp,

                       out_raster =  r'C:\Users\Robby\Desktop\Test1\newclip2.tif',

                       clipping_geometry = True)