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10.3 Bundles: Cached Image Services Not Appearing in Rest Preview

Question asked by dcoley on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by dcoley


Is anyone experiencing cached image services at 10.3 compact caches not appearing in the Rests' cache preview page?  It appears that for a cached map service at 10.3, the rest preview functions as expected:

ArcGIS JavaScript API: CachedMapServices/SarasotaCountyBaseMap_v3


While for a cached image service sourced from a mosaic dataset, it does not:

ArcGIS JavaScript API: ImageServices/SC2013

Please not that the api's zoom controls do not appear.


The 10.3 image service caches also do not appear in desktop preview either.


However, if I call the image service as an ImageServer in the api, it does load as to part of a basemap gallery for example-