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What is the zoomScale parameter supposed to set in a Geocoder?

Question asked by schlot on Mar 20, 2015

In the Reference for Geocoder, the definition for the zoomScale property is


Scale to zoom to when geocoder does not return an extent. The geocoder will create an extent based on the scale supplied and the geometry returned.


All I'm trying to do is not have the geocoder zoomed in so tight.  It seems like any time you enter an address, you are getting an extent, even though the result is a point feature.   I tried altering the zoomScale to something larger like 500000, but it doesn't do anything.  I assume this is because the geocoder IS returning an extent, even though it's just a tiny one around the point.  Under what situations is it NOT returning an extent?


How can I control this?  I added a centerAndZoom to the results function of the geocoder, but it seems to be first zooming in tight and then zooming out again.  That's no good.