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Discussion created by a2a2a on Sep 16, 2010
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I am using ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE 10, workgroup.

I updated one ArcSDE layer in ArcMap, i.e I changed the layer query from (NOID=???S???) to (NOID=???S??? or NOID=???V???). But under the service path, the layer definition was still (NOID=???S???). When I referred to the map by using service path URL, the layer did not update.

I deleted the service yesterday, but I can still see the path under rest.

Today I recreated the service and can refer to the map using the same URL I had before, but I cannot see the path under rest folder.

There must be some steps I missed to update the server path. Could you please help me? I have tried to restart the service and ArcSDE service, cannot fix the problem.

Hopefully I have expressed myself clearly,