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How to integrate aerial images and LiDAR data

Question asked by WilliamHP on Mar 19, 2015

I am looking to characterize the vegetation habitats of a very small island.


I have aerial images of the island, as well as LiDAR data in the form of LAS and XYZ files. I am able to generate both a DSM and DEM from the las files, and by subtracting the DEM from the DSM, I get the resulting layer of vegetation height.


I am wondering how to use the aerial images to quantitatively verify the findings, as well as use them to augment the classifications.


For example, we are characterizing the island into 4 main habitats: forest, fern, grass, and barren. Each has lower vegetation.

How should I use the aerial images to sample known areas of forest or fern to then obtain representative values for vegetation height for that particular habitat class.


Any help is greatly appreciated.