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how do I change my password

Question asked by Neeser on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by rscheitlin

Ok, I would like to change my password: so I click on the little arrow that reveals a menu with options like "Inbox & Activity", "Profile", etc. After clicking through all of it I still haven't come to a place that would allow me to change my password (Or maybe I just missed it?).  So I resign myself to click on the help button (I'm the kind who doesn't like to read instructions) assuming that there will be a nice little paragraph on how to do just that, which I should have read first instead of wasting time clicking here and there.  But surprise, instead of the expected instructions, I get an empty box to write up my questions for some generous soul to answer.  Well so here it is: Could someone please explain how to change the password one is using to log into GeoNet?


Thanks for any help.