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Collector with no basemap

Question asked by NicolasGIS on Mar 19, 2015
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We are trying to create a mobile GIS application using Collector mainly to use it offline.

The problem is that we would like to export a wide range of buildings' plans organized as a matrix in an arbitrary reference system.

For this reason, using a basemap is useless.

But it seems like it is mandatory to have a basemap to use Collector for ArcGIS (and ArcGIS Online), isn't it ?


So we tried uploading a cached basemap layer by doing it as light as we could (2 Go) so that it could be stored on an IPAD.

We added the basemap with features layers we are interested in and created the WebMap with offline mode enabled.


The thing is, our matrix is very wide but not high and though you can cached a rectangle of a map in ArcMap, you cannot download a rectangle of a map using Collector : it has to be square. As a consequence, we are ending up with total weight of more than 2000 Go ! Good luck to store that on an IPAD! I guess Collector is caching white background when there is none, as our cache is only 2Go big?!


Has anybody ever faced this problem and came up with a solution?


Thanks in advance,