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Create a Download from a Geoprocessing Service

Question asked by Korboter on Mar 19, 2015



I wrote a python script that I want use for a geoprocessing service. The script safes its outputs as feature class(es) in a file based geodatabase which I zip up in the end. In the final step of my gp service i want to store that zipfile temporarily in a directory (e.g via iis: inetpub/wwwroot/download) and create a download-link that "pops up" once my gp service has finished. Is there any way to realize such an operation by python in a geoprocessing service?

So far i only found the Clip and Ship example where the processed data is sent by email. But I'm not really happy with that solution since I want to avoid running into issues like large outputs that might ecxceed the limitations of an email attachment...


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