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Recommendation for selection that works both on mobile and desktop

Question asked by schlot on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by schlot

I have a dropdown of county names.  I have tried a variety of different options, but it seems like everything I try works for either desktop or mobile, but not both.  The closest I could come was the a dijit/form/DataList in conjunction with a dojox/mobile/comboBox.  At least this displays both on the desktop as well as mobile.


The problem is that the users don't like this behavior on the desktop.  Rather than having a dropdown arrow or scrollbar they can use to see the names further down the list, they have to know to use the upward stroke/flicking motion more commonly associated with mobile.  They don't like this.


This starts out with a query screen and only loads the map if the user chooses to display it.  We have a mandate for everything to be mobile friendly.  In this case, the desktop experience is suffering. 



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