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ArcGIS 10: Graphics won't display in Data View

Question asked by TobyJacobs on Mar 18, 2015
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Hi -


I'm having a weird issue that only comes up in some maps. If I try to add graphics (anything from the Drawing menu - I tried lines, text, labels, etc...) in the Data View, they disappear immediately. The dashed blue selection line is there (with nothing inside it), so I can move it around, resize, etc... but when I click somewhere else it's gone (doesn't show on the map and can't reselect it).

Some more info:

- I can convert the graphics to features and then they show up

- Adding the graphics works normally in the same maps in Layout View

- If I click the "Select Elements" cursor to move the graphic around, the graphic shows up while I am clicking on it (but disappears when I'm not)

- Right-clicking on the selected invisible graphic acts like there is nothing there


As I said, this only happens in some maps that a colleague made, so I'm assuming that he accidentally loaded some weird Data View setting that applies to the Draw menu. Any ideas?