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Restrict geocoder to extent

Question asked by mrcdecoaticook on Mar 18, 2015
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I'm trying to customize the geocoder of an application made with WebAppBuilder. I changed the config.JSON file in the Geocoder folder to:


  "geocoder": {  
    "autoComplete": true,  
    "minCharacters": 3,  
    "name": "Esri World Geocoder",  
    "arcgisGeocoder": false,  
    "geocoders": [  
        "url": "",  
        "name": "Esri World Geocoder",  
        "singleLineFieldName": "SingleLine",  
        "placeholder": "Chercher une adressse",  
        "searchExtent": {


When I set "arcgisGeocoder" to true,

  • Geocoder selection dropdown menu
  • No placeholder text, which is annoying
  • Results related to the specified extent when I start typing (which is what I'm looking for)


When I set "arcgisGeocoder" to false,

  • No geocoder selection dropdown menu
  • Placeholder text
  • No results appearing when I start typing (just that thing going round)





Somebody knows what's wrong in the code? (I tried everything!) I want:

  • No geocoder selection menu
  • Placeholder text
  • Results when I start typing


Thanks for your help