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Question asked by joshuawilson11 on Mar 18, 2015

Hi,so I am supposed to encrypt a text file chosen by a user at the moment I have completed most of it (offset factor/shift), I have got each separate character from the text file and put it into a list and converted it into ASCII, I am wondering how you are meant to change the ASCII number 32(space) into an actual space to separate the list and only them. Then i will need to create a string based on this and save it onto the user's computer and i am not too sure how to do this either.


Any help/advice will be appreciated


Thanks very much!


Here is the code:

import random
#=============================================Main Menu=============================================
print("Hi, Welcome to Text Encyrption")
print("This program will encrypt or decrypt a text file chosen by you.")
print('Make a choice')
print('1. Encrypt Message')
print('2. Decrypt Message ')
print('3. Exit program ')

#the user only has 3 choices
menu_choice = 0

#menu_choice cannot = 3
while menu_choice != 3:
    menu_choice = int(input("Choose an option (1-3): "))

    if menu_choice == 1:
        print("ENCRYPTING MESSAGE")
        print("For this task the file is Text File1.txt")
        text_file = input(str("Enter the file you want to be Encyrpted"))

        #this will find the text file the user has inputter
        apple = open(text_file,"r")

        #this puts the text file so it can only be read
        apple =(
        n = 0
        number = []
        texting = []

        #================================Offset Factor===================================================
        #while n is less than 8
        while n<8:

            #it will convert a random number between 33 and 126 into ascii
            random_number = chr(random.randint(33, 126))

            #every time n + 1
            #one turn out of 8
            n = n + 1

            #the number is put into ascii
            characters = ord(random_number)

            #it is put into the number list


        #this rounds each of the eight integers in number and divides by 8 and takes away 3
        offset_number = round((number[0]+number[1]+number[2]+number[3]+number[4]+number[5]+number[7])/8)-32

        #this prints the offset factor

        #=============================Task 5=====================================================================
        newString = []

        #this is the only part of ascii allowed
        validLetters = "#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~""#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=> @ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghiklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~"
        space = [' ']
        new = []
        old = []
        x = 0

        #this splits the text file into singukar characters from 0 to 1
        chrsplit = [apple[i:i+1] for i in range(0, len(apple),1)]

        #this puts into ascii every character
        ascii_conversion = [ord(a) for a in chrsplit]

        #this replaces each 32 in the list with a space
        ascii_conversion = [s.replace('32', ' ') for s in ascii_conversion]

        #this prints it