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How do I make these fields editable?

Question asked by csergent08 Champion on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by csergent08

The following fields display in a popup box when the user clicks on them. How do I get the editor form to appear instead?:

 infoTemplate: {
      title: '<b>Request ${objectid}</b>',
      content: '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Date: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${requestdate:DateFormat}</span><br><span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Phone: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${phone:formatPhoneNumber}</span><br><span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Name: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${name}</span><br><span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Severity: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${severity:severityDomainLookup}</span><br><span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Type: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${requesttype:requestTypeDomainLookup}</span><br><span class="infoTemplateContentRowLabel">Comments: </span>' +
          '<span class="infoTemplateContentRowItem">${comment}</span>'

The form startup is I believe, the following, but I am not sure:

// initialize the request type drop down
  var initAttributeForm = function() {
    var options = [];
    for (var key in app.requestTypeFieldDomainCodedValuesDict) {
      if (app.requestTypeFieldDomainCodedValuesDict.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        options.push('<option value="' + key + '">' + app.requestTypeFieldDomainCodedValuesDict[key] + '</option>');
    app.requestTypeSelect.innerHTML = options.join('');


Here is the app online: csergent45/streetSigns · GitHub


Kelly Hutchins or Robert Scheitlin, GISP is it possible to use this:

layer.on("click", function(evt) {
if (evt.ctrlKey === true || evt.metaKey === true) {  //delete feature if ctrl key is depressed
= this;


but instead use the startCaptureRequest function like so. but this did not work. I was hoping to pull up the form. Wait, I need an edit form too, don't I? Not just a submit form? :


layer.on("click", function(evt) {

// temporarily show alert when starting edits 

    // and then start listening for a map click 

    var startCaptureRequest = function (severity) {

        var listener;

        // NOTE: once user has clicked 'x' to dismiss 

        // this alert, it will no longer show up 

        domStyle.set(app.startEditAlert, 'display', '');

        setTimeout(function () {

            domStyle.set(app.startEditAlert, 'display', 'none');

        }, 3000);

        // save map point in app global and 

        app.currentSeverity = severity;

        listener ='click', function (e) {


            // save map point in app global and 

            // show form to collect incident report 

            app.currentGeometry = e.mapPoint;







Here is my app that I published online. I am trying to make it so I can edit the points: Street Signs