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Add locations on ArcMap for Network Analysis

Question asked by nancynanxiaodan on Mar 17, 2015
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Dear All,


I am new to ArcGIS, and got confused when using Network Analyst functions. I am following the tutorial for Network Analyst, and when I am doing Tutorial 4 which is finding the closest facility, and I saw three classes in one layer which are Transportation, Analysis and BaseMap shown below.

1.JPGI am wondering how to load or add locations of some facilities, such as fire stations in tutorial 4.I tried to follow the help, it shows how to add locations to the selected analysis class by using 'Create Network Location Tool', simply just click on the map and then it will show under the facility class.


My target is to locate over 30 petrol station on the map of Cardiff, and when add one facility by using 'Create Network Location Tool', it didn't give me any address information. just called 'Graphic pick 1'. It is time consuming to do it manually, and I am wondering if I could load the petrol station on the map, from 'Load Locations'. By solving the problem this way, how should I create a text or excel file to including the information about the petrol station. Should I consider using Geocoding to match address?


I am confused here. Could any one help me here, give me some advised?


Really appreciate.