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cityengine exporting issues

Question asked by randi120 on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Hasma29

Hey all,

I am having issues exporting the models created using the wizard cities. The export seems to hang at ~70%.... any ideas what could be causing this?


The full setup is as follows:

-create a new wizard city, using small (or medium) size setting and international city rule package.

-generate and select all models

-export them.

The program is still running and I have noticed the memory consumption increases slowly. but even after letting it run for a day it has not finished the export. The scenes are relatively small 500-800k polygons


I've tried exporting in different formats (collada and wavefront obj) and it always hangs.


I've tried various settings regarding the triangulation, handling faces with holes, file export sizes, exporting textures/materials.. etc . but no luck.


There are no errors in the model generation process. There are some warnings however.

Cleaning up the warnings seems to have no impact on this. I eliminated all warnings on one of the scenes but still no luck.


I am using cityEngine 2014.1 on windows 64 bit


Any ideas?