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Getting items from Expired ORG and unable to get detilas of such items using arcgisUtils.getItem

Question asked by sumitza on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by sumit.zarkar

We are getting all the items with tag "DMR" from organisation url as "" and in result we are getting some items which are from the Expired Organisation, for example item id "4f59091c079e45b081d49430bb981064".


when we try to get the details of this item using  arcgisUtils.getItem  method then the defferd callback method does not get executed, whereas if we see in the browser console it shows error "Subscription is disabled, the item is not accessible":



Please check the attached sample you will see that the alert which we have written in then will not show up.


Also notice that although the item is "public" it will still prompt you with identity manager for credentials and if you enter any valid credentials to it will still show you the same error in console.