Raster to Raster Calculations

Discussion created by zach0531 on Sep 15, 2010
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I have an Isopach (float) Raster and a Slope (float) Raster  which are clipped to the same extents.  I want to extract Isopach Values for Slope Values greater than 10 degrees.  How do I accomplish this task.  Using Spatial Analyst I Sampled the data but have yet to interpolate those data points to accomplish the task because it is tedious to create the complex polygons for clipping boundary.  I was hoping I could perform a simple Raster to Raster query.  I am a novice using VB Script and have never used python. Using raster calculator (VB Script) I was able to create a true false raster (1,0) that allowed me to view the extents of the Isopach along those areas but I want to retain the Isopach values.  If this can be accomplished using raster calculator please reply with code.  Thanks!  Unfortunately, I cannot provide sample data it is proprietary.

*I found an acceptable workaround.  Using ArcScan I created polygon features of the Slope Raster >10°.  I then clipped the Isopach to the newly created boundaries.  Still if anyone has any suggestions about how to perform this task based on raster to raster queries please reply*