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Resources for GIS new-comers; how to learn and practice for FREE

Question asked by farajallah2012 on Mar 17, 2015
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Are you new to GIS? You may be asking yourself how can I learn and practice what I have learned?


Don't worry, the internet is full of resources to help you and I am listing some of what I found very useful for me:


Resources to learn GIS:

  1. YouTube: just go there and search for GIS, see how many videos for lectures, tutorial, seminars, webex ...etc are there.
    Find a good channel and subscribe to it.
  2. twitter: despite its 140 characters limitation, twitter is an excellent learning source, it summarizes long articles for you and grabs news about new developments, events, tools ...etc about the field you are interested in.
    You can start with my GIS list on twitter which is publicly available for everyone.
  3. Esri Free Virtual Training Catalog: this catalog contains many many free & online training courses (and pre-recorded seminars) that can be a very good starting point for you towards any GIS sub-topic.
    If you are totally new to GIS, I recommend you start with this course about Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems.


Resources to practice GIS:

  1. Download your free copy of ArcGIS for Desktop, this is a free trial for 60 days.
    I guess this is fair enough for you to learn and practice .

  2. Create an account on ArcGIS Online, this is similar to the account you have created with this course.

Do you have other resources to learn or practice GIS? Please share them in the comments.

Happy learning & mapping!



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