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should i change my coordinate system or is there any way i could add layers on projected coordinates

Question asked by robel_alemu59 on Mar 17, 2015

i am developing an android app using arcgis sdk and developing my map for the app using arc map 10.2. i am using image from goggle earth as my base map and added some layers to it working fine but it was using unknown coordinate system and the coordinates were not when i assign the correct coordinates using x,y and check it out the features and the base map are not on the same coordinate and its not displaying the i deleted the existing features and tried to draw new ones but it says feature can not be created.te geometry is invalid.  so i tried to use geographical coordinate system and assigned the coordinates,but since the base-map is not a layer or a shape file i cannot change either the feature or the base-map is displayed

.please what should i do