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Raster to ASCII, gets cut off

Question asked by vsahakian on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2015 by hlzhang525



I am trying to export a tif of some aerial lidar data I have to an ascii.  I would like to do this so I can then convert the ascii to a .grd file, and plot it with GMT. 


The only problem is that when I export to an ascii from arc using the Raster to ASCII tool, it consistently says in the header that there are for example 25500 rows, but when I do a line count on it in unix there are fewer (say, 19456 for example).  To be able to convert it to a .grd file, I need to change the number of rows in the header, but then when I plot it up, the southern part is chopped by about .05 to .1 degrees of latitude.  I have tried playing with all the Environment variables, but to no avail - there are always fewer columns than the header indicates, and the data is chopped.


Has anyone else every experienced this, and know of a solution?