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ArcGIS Online Basic/Classic Viewer - Problems with Printout Legend

Question asked by bflynn on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by HelenWhiteley

I am reporting what appears to be software bugs and have found no other place to report it than here. Let me know of workaround or best place to post.


These are problems with the Printout Legends in at least two of the ArcGIS Online Viewers:


ArcGIS Online Classic Viewer: After selecting the print option (print legend is checked in original layout design), no legend is printed (see attached).


ArcGIS Online Basic Viewer: After selecting the print option and click "Add legend to output", the legend does not display symbols for polygons with outline only (no color infill), but it does display the feature name.  All other symbols and features are displayed (see attachment). Also, for layers that are a single symbol, the layer name given in the legend is the original name when legend was added and is not the renamed one that is shown the viewer legend.