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tools to monitor /diagnose ‘high availability’ computing performance?

Question asked by hlzhang525 on Mar 14, 2015

Dear all,


In practice, do you use any effective tools to monitor /diagnose ‘high availability’ computing performance, like Parallel Processing and (load-balancing) cluster computing?


As you know, those high performance computing architectures are usually performed as a single computing system, including N nodes (CPU-GPU), shared memory, and /or virtual machines, which should be obviously performed 'unlike' grid computing and cloud computing (saying, SAS® Grid Manager attached below ).


For example, the simplest task is to monitor how good /bad the geoprocessing tools from ArcGIS 10.3 and Pro 1.0 use the multiple cores and processors (Environments Settings in ArcGIS is not sufficient to reach the goals).


So, nice to have some tools to help us monitor/ manage /diagnose computing performance effectively …


Any ideas?