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Weighted Average in Report Designer

Question asked by Cherokee_CO_GIS on Mar 13, 2015

I am looking to create a report that has the Weighted Average of the CSRs of the soil types in a polygon (weighted by how many acres each soil type encompasses). I am able to multiply out the CSR value by the total acres for each soil type (I call this the CSR units) I can then sum up the acres and the CSR units. I am having trouble creating a field/textbox that will display the Sum of the CSR Units  divided by the Sum of the Acres. The ArcGIS Help page hints that I can "calculate a summary statistic that uses other summary statistics in the formula." as long as I don't use an unbound calculated field to do so. So my big question is. How do I reference a summary statistic in my formula for a txt box?


I will attach a screenshot of my report design. I am looking to divde the CSR_Units box by the Acres (summed value) box and display it in the TextBox2

Thank you!