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What is PythonBridge? (Jython Scripting Question)

Question asked by joseph.chimento on Mar 12, 2015



I have some questions regarding the Jython class PythonBridge (org.python.pydev.jython.PythonBridge).  I am attempting to use some code from to automate the creation of models that will be imported into Unity3D.  Here is a sample:


Import statement:

import org.python.pydev.jython.PythonBridge



def getLayerResolution(layerName):

    layer     = ce.getObjectsFrom(ce.scene, ce.isLayer, ce.withName(layerName))[0]

    jlayer    = PythonBridge.toJava(layer, None)

    terrain   = jlayer.getFunctionAttribute()


My questions are:  Why is it necessary to "bridge" the terrain layer to Java and what happens when the CE layer is "Bridged" to Java.  I am particularity interested in the second, since I cannot find the "getFunctionAttribute()" anywhere in the CE documentation or online.