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Discussion created by lorenzo_perone on Sep 13, 2010
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I'm working with Arcgis 9.3 SP3 and the Network analysist extension.
I've a nework street in wich I've to calculate the shortest path from two points (near start/end of some bridges) using the bridge and in case of bridge fall.
When I've build the network dataset I've done an attribute named "interruzioni" (usage restriction) that is based on the field "attivo" (integer: 0 road/bridge inactive, 1 road/bridge active) then in the evaluators I've set Type: field, value <expression>, in the expression I've put this:

Attivo = True
If attivo = 0 Then
Attivo = False
Attivo = True
End if

and in Value= Attivo

When I solve the route the value in the "attivo" field don't make any difference. If I set the field "attivo" in all the record to 0 or 1 the results of the rout are the same, nothing change.
I'm a bit perplexed.
Thanks for suggestions.