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Scene models flickering in LumenRT after expoting from CE

Question asked by ialixandroae on Mar 12, 2015
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I would like to know how should I modify my rules so that when I export my scene to LumenRT, the buildings(models) won`t flicker...

It`s pretty annoying and also upsetting...

I was thinking at 2 solutions:

1. to use translate on the textures ( practically to create a space between the facades and the corespondent textures)

2. to use 'material.opacity' on the model and ( I`m not sure if possible) to make the model 100% transparent but the textures to be visible...


Also, I do not have proper textures to use 1 for a whole facade ( I have textures for windows, for some parts from a facade etc.) so 1 facade is composed from multiple parts of textures...


What do you think guys?