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Roads and Highways extension integration with external business system

Question asked by bforbhavin on Mar 11, 2015

I am trying to integrate Roads and Highways extension with our business system called enterprise asset management (EAM). I am trying to validate few UseCases (mentioned below) and need an input on them:


1) Show WOs created in EAM along the route on the map - Here, WO data is stored in EAM but route data is in geodatabase. I am thinking to provide mapping column between my WO data and GIS event data. Once mapping is established, there is a way to set up database connection between these tables. Then map service can read EAM data and give me the map with this data. Does it work this way from integration point of view? Are there any other integration patterns?


2) Search features along the route or within provided buffer distance - I can probably use buffer search example to any shape and find features along the route existed in GIS data. But does this scenario look useful to the customer specifically in the context of routes?


I will be using ArcGIS Javascript API to query data from EAM to GIS. I have seen Roadway Characteristics Editor (RCE) component but it's good as a web interface for GIS database. I am not getting much insight of integration patterns from RCE or any other online resources.


It would be great if there are case studies available with integration details between such two systems.