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Why does createReplica make a random name for 1 way replicas?

Question asked by RTreecare on Mar 11, 2015

The interface tells you to name the replica, but ignores input. The random string for the names make it incredibly difficult to script automation.

Here is what I get with sync model=none:

FileGDB: C:\Downloads\cce93b7ebc4c47d18f656ae7ea613ce8\447be11bdf3c4a64b1c229caada76d6a.gdb

SQLITE: C:\Downloads\a021300b5c8f445eac500e01fe713e07.geodatabase

JSON: C:\Downloads\748a4e8ab624424ebeee38f14bbd1d95.json

The zip name is even different from the gdb!


The purpose of the replica name alludes me.What value does requiring a Replica Name provide? Additionally, what is the point of generating a random name for the file that has no sync model and you cannot search through the  replicafiles directory?