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Infinity in Reclassify's RemapRange() ?

Question asked by Holisticbynature on Mar 11, 2015

Hi Python Community,
I have been using python for a few years now, but just recently started learning arcpy through Zandbergen's book.
I am trying to make a statistics based reclassification tool, and one of the elements I am using is the RemapRange object in ArcGIS 10.3.  I don't think the rest of the script is relevant, but the relevant portion is:



Now when I use infinity, this step is passed and no error is given. When I use a really large number like 1000000000000, it gives me the desired output.
My problem is a really large number is not a really robust solution, some forums, suggest ArcGIS might have problems with infinity in some circumstances, and the documentation does not mention infinity explicitly.
My questions are:

1.WHat is the best way to represent "the end of the range" with a RemapRange ? Do you leave it blank? Some scripts do that, but that did not run or gave a syntax error.

2.Is the best way to handle this to use a different function? Some suggested using the largest number possible for Floating points/doubles.

3. What are reasonable ways to represent infinity in arcpy?

4. Is there anything I could be missing?