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Network Analyst - Edit Navteq Network Dataset

Question asked by BGrod on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by cdspatial

My company purchased/licensed the complete North American Navteq Streetmap for 2014. I am new to Network Analyst and would like to update the streets to include and route along newly added private roads. I read through the Network Dataset Help and completed several of the tutorials. To keep it simple and develop a workflow which I could apply to all of my new roads I started by adding only one road segment. I added the segment, insured it snapped to the existing roads, and ran the Build tool on the Network Dataset. Then I attempted to solve a route with the destination (Stop 2) being at the end of the new road segment. The result has been an error (screen shot attached) even after multiple attempts of assigning more attributes to my road segment and modifying restrictions. The error reads Warning: No route from location "Graphic Pick 1" to location "Graphic Pick 2".Error: No solution found. What am I missing? Is there a processing step/tool that I failed to run or some key attributes that are required which I failed to populate. I'm guessing it's a missing attribute but I can't easily find a list of key attributes for Navteq network datasets. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.