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WAB Query Options

Question asked by bokeefe on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by timw1984

So I'm being tasked with porting a legacy map app from an aging application. I'm going to aim to do it with the WAB. However, due to time constraints I haven't had time to touch the WAB since it came out of it's BETA cocoon. And most of what I did in BETA was for directed, single-use map apps. I really haven't had time to dig in and see what all is there to play with.


I'm wondering if a feature class has a lot of attributes can I replicate the query functionality of the old map app in the new WAB App?


Here is a sample of how they currently build a query... (this is for Police Arrests by the way)Arrest Map Query Options.png

For those of you with more experience does this look doable with the new WAB? Would I need to check out a custom widget?


Any input from those with more experience with the WAB would be great.


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