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Eliminating Subcatchment Polygons

Question asked by bpenserini on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by MBoucher21

I have a feature class that contains polygons representing catchments derived from using the Adjoint Catchment Processing tool in Arc Hydro Tools. To the best of my knowledge, this feature class contains polygons of all of the catchments from my DEM above a certain threshold drainage area, including the catchments that are nested within a larger catchment (subcatchments). I have eliminated all polygons with areas above an upper area limit as well as polygons below a lower area limit by using "Select by Attributes" in the attribute table of the feature class and deleting the selected features, but I am still left with polygons that are overlapped by larger polygons (essentially the subcatchments within a larger catchment). I would like to eliminate all of the polygons that are subcatchments and contain areas that are contained within a larger polygon in the same feature class, but all of the tools I have tried so far do not produce my desired result. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The specified item was not found.