Maplex - why is it an extension?????

Discussion created by moczydlo on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by lygismav
Maplex being an add-on really annoys me. I can�??t understand why core functionality (making and labeling maps) needs an additional purchase to make it work correctly.

Essentially ESRI has developed a better labeling engine and instead of rolling it out as a new feature and upgrade their software like a normal software developer they have made it an extension to eek out every last dollar from the community.

Nothing makes me madder than shelling out an addtional $2500 so my maps label correctly.

It is pretty different from a 3D or Spatial Analyst extension which enhances the core functionality. Overall, I think the pricing and licensing structure is really outdated. I understood it in the ArcInfo 7 and 3.2 days, and even in the transition to 8.X, but it has really outlasted its relevance.

Am I missing something... does this drive anyone else as crazy?