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Selecting items from one polygon within multi-polygon layer

Question asked by cbridges11 on Mar 10, 2015
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I have been using the Select by Location tool (within ArcGIS 10.1) to find our asset information/numbers based on certain polygons (e.g., number of service meters within polygon A). I then use the Select by Attribute tool to further break the results down. I have individual layers/feature classes for some of our polygons...for example our service territories are broken down into individual layers for each service territory and that layer contains just the one polygon. For these, the select by location works great because your source layer is that individual service territory layer. However, for some things, such as our counties layer, we only have one layer/feature class which is made up of multiple polygons. My question there a way to use the select by location tool when you only have the one layer and are wanting a specific polygon within that layer (I couldn't see where I could specify further down past the Source Layer)? The source layer in my case is County however I want to be able to specify a county within that layer.  I could break out all of the counties to individual layers/feature classes and do it that way but I like the control of having one layer (just seems easier to manage to me). If there is a way to do this I will actually merge some of my other individual layers into a single feature class as well.