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Dissolve & Shape_Area / Shape_Length Fields

Question asked by bem08c on Mar 9, 2015
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Hello All,


I have written a script that takes an input,runs a couple of geoprocesses, exports to an excel sheet, and then runs a couple of manipulations on the excel sheet.


I have tried to make it so that by the time you are at the stage where your excel spreadsheet has been created the spreadsheet fields will always look the same no matter how many fields in the input. This allows me to easily manipulate the excel spreadsheet.


The one problem i am running into involves my dissolve step. I have it set up so that Dissolve is run on two fields. When my input is a shapefile and dissolve is run the output is a shapefile with those 2 fields. However, if my input is a gdb layer my output will contain those 2 fields with the addition of the Shape_Area / Shape_Length Fields.


Does anyone know why Shape_Area / Shape_Length are automatically added when using a gdb but not when using a shapefile?