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CSVs and pushing application to third party server

Question asked by AmySYang on Mar 6, 2015
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I adapted the shortlist app for my organization and now we'd like to push it to our website. Our website, however, is hosted by a third party. Our CSVs contain potentially sensitive information and so we'd like as much control over them as possible. If we can update CSVs/layers without having to go through our third party host, then it would much easier for us to maintain and control the kinds of information we send outside our organization.


From my understanding of how the code pulls information, the CSVs are uploaded to ArcGIS, and the code pulls all geospatial data from ArcGIS, not the server hosting the site. If this is the case, then all we need to do is send our third party host the template I've adapted, and we can update CSV data by logging in online from a separate server (i.e. our office), rather than sending the updated CSVs to the third party. Is this understanding correct?


Thank you so much!