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Composite Geocode Blues

Question asked by kevinbg07 on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by mbockenhauer-esristaff

I'm fairly new to geocoding. I'm familiar with the concept, I've just never really had to attempt it in my professional career.


That having been said...


I have created several locators based off of the different types - dual ranges, city and state, single house, etc and complied them into a composite address locator. I have then published this as a geocode service on ArcGIS Server and have loaded it as my only geocoding utility in ArcGIS Online. I have several web applications in which I would like to use it.


However, certain functions do not seem to work. I can do a full address search successfully but I cannot do a 'place' search. I have one set up, it works perfectly when I pull it into ArcMap, but it does not work in the geocode service.


I have published it from my SDE connect as well as from a network location (not SDE) and I get the same result everytime: the full address search will work but the city/state search (Your Town, NY) does not (and it works perfectly in ArcMap!).


I'm a little confused but does anyone or more experienced geocoders have a solution or could tell me what I'm doing wrong?