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Incident detector - service design question

Question asked by on Mar 5, 2015
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I have a geoevent service I'm trying to design which will bring in the location of 911 calls (JSON input) and if they are in a geofence call my output (JSON rest service) to create an "alert" in my application. My input provides a list of all active 911 calls & because it gets pulled by the service I may get several alerts for the same 911 call.


So to prevent this I'm trying to configure the Incident detector and I've hit a few snags:


  1. The incident detector keeps firing each time the input is pulled. I thought it was only supposed to fire once when the event initially occurs (my 911 call occurs INSIDE the geofence)? How do I change it so that I'm not getting duplicate alerts for the same occurrence?
  2. Because the incident detector is in my service my output is now getting the JSON for the incident detectors "incident" instead of the actual data of my 911 call. Is there any way to feed the related to the output in instead of the "incident" geoevent?


My service is designed as such:

JSON input -> Incident Detector -> JSON output