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Can't get versioned data to sync in Collector

Question asked by admahrou on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by AdvancedAg

I'm not sure that I understand the workflow. A version is created in my db every time someone takes a map offline. Do I need a routine to then reconcile and post all of these versions that are created thereafter? What happens if I delete these versions? The administrative panel on my gdb is growing with versions of dbs every day because of people taking maps offline.


Either way, it's not working for us. Every time we sync, we get no errors, it just still reports that you need to sync, with the number of edits still awaiting sync there in the mobile application. Nothing is coming across the wire.


I'm sure this new edit versioned features functions, but it's not working in my sde db. Every enterprise is different. So I guess I'll switch back to the archived route. It's much cleaner than managing the potential of creating multiple transactional versions between field maps, and users.


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