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spatialReference 4326 or 102100? for AGSRunTimeSDKforIOS 10.2.2 not working?

Question asked by suppriya on Mar 6, 2015

My Ipad App setting. IOS 8, AGSRunTimeSDKforIOS - 10.2.2 Esri Server side SDK - 10.22

App - GIS not working properly specially Buffer section. it was earlier with self.m_mapView.spatialReference.wkid or 4326 Spatial Referance.

loading of MAP stop so i change spatial reference both to 102100.

AGSSpatialReference *s_Bufferref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:4326 WKT:m_mapView.spatialReference.wkt] autorelease]; AGSPoint *m_ProjectedPoint =[[AGSPoint alloc] initWithX:[strLongitude floatValue] y:[strLatitude floatValue]spatialReference:s_Bufferref];

self.m_geometryServiceTask = [[[AGSGeometryServiceTask alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]] autorelease];  self.m_geometryServiceTask.delegate = self;  AGSSpatialReference *m_sref = [[AGSSpatialReference alloc] init];

if(self.m_mapView.spatialReference.wkid==0) { m_sref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:102100 // earlier: 4326 WKT:m_mapView.spatialReference.wkt] autorelease]; } else { m_sref = [[[AGSSpatialReference alloc] initWithWKID:102100 /* Earlier: self.m_mapView.spatialReference.wkid */ WKT:m_mapView.spatialReference.wkt] autorelease];

[self.m_geometryServiceTask projectGeometries:arrProjectGeomtery toSpatialReference:m_sref];

after changing 102100 delegates call for projectGeometries but buffer not working further.... does 102100 is correct ? what spatial reference i have to specify for this version...