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Running ESRI Web AppBuilder on an Intranet

Question asked by AlainBlaster on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by AlainBlaster

I know it is possible to host ESRI Web AppBuilder under node.js on any machine. I just did it.


What I don't understand is the RedirectURL asked for when registering an app in AGOL.

What is the purpose of this and the AppID thing?


I already have ArcGIS Servers and web servers but they are not public facing they are for domain authenticated users only!

My GIS data is also for internal user's eyes only.


Is it possible at all to run AppBuilder in this kind of environment?


i.e. use map services from my intranet ArcGIS Server and web servers. I see there is a widget for local ArcGIS Server this already.


But if the server I am hosting AppBuilder on is not public facing and does not even have a static IP how is the RedirectURl thing supposed to work?


How do I develop widgets on my machine and get AppBuilder to work there?

What is the use of having the ability to run and host AppBuilder if you end up with error 400 with the RedirectURL thing?

Is it possible to do what I am trying to do which is

     to leverage my existing ArcGIS Servers investment and

     taking advantage of an existing application framework

     focus on building widgets for my app

     and not re-inventing the wheel

What is the harm to ESRI if I do that? I am still buying ESRI Servers am I not?


What am I missing?