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"the feature could not be created. the geometry is invalid"

Question asked by greenwater on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by HillaryBjorstrom

I would like to create some polygons in a shapefile, that are based on some point data in a different shapefile. As usual I created a new shapefile in ArcCatalog choosing "Polygon" as a feature type, started the Editor-session in ArcMap choose my polygon shapefile and wanted to draw some polygons using the snapping tool to base the shape of my polygons on some point data. However, I everytime I try to create a polygon or a rectangle I get the error message: "the feature could not be created. the geometry is invalid" If I create a circle it works, but I do not need circles.

I restarted my computer, re-opened the program and the project as well, but it never works when I have both shapefiles in the same project. Yes, I have checked if I chose the polygon shapefile as editing layer as well.


When I open a blank map and add only the polygon shapefile, I can edit it and draw polygons without any problems. But when I add the point shapefile I cannot create polygons anymore in the polygon shapefile.


Does anybody has an idea, how to solve that problem?