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Can I do these with Collector?

Question asked by jafarkofahi on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by pcrosier

We are looking into creating a GIS based mobile application - I was informed that ESRI Collector might be a good direction to go, I looked around and didnt find much documentation on what things can be done with it (maybe I am looking in the wrong place?) - so I am sorry if some of my questions are obvious

Our system is already in place and we are looking into this mobile app to help facilitate data collection in the field


Q1) Can I call a stored procedure to control the data update (i.e. update other fields, validate input..etc)?

Once a feature is updated we need to call a stored procedure to update other fields, this also relates to data validation, where and how can we do this in the app?


Q2) Link to live URL?

There are alot of design references that the user might need access to from the field (assuming they have a connection), can we expose the URL from within the application?


Q3) Controlling UI?

How much control do we have over the UI, can we have checkboxes, dropdowns...etc or are they all fields. I think in the tutorial I did see a drop-down.

Also can these be filled based on certain sequence of events? For example I have 2 drop-downs,D1 and D2, and I need D2 to be filled based on the contents of D1, is this possible?

Another scenario, is if D1 has value V1 then and ONLY then show D2?


Any insight is much appreciated