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Unusual results with Watershed geoprocessing tool

Question asked by OKarlsson on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by OKarlsson

Hello everyone, I write here trying to found out the cause of some results I dont quite understand when using Watershed geoprocessing tool. From the starting point of that I already have a flow direction raster and a pour points feature class, I get different results if I execute the geoprocessing tool Watershed using as input the raster in GRID format and the feature class in shapefile, than If I import those same files into a File geodatabase as a raster dataset and a feature class (outside a Feature dataset, so no change in reference system). In the second case I get micro-watersheds and some of them are not created. Why could this difference be happening? The data is exactly the same, just imported into the File GeoDB. I checked out the environment settings to check is something could causing this, but I was unable to find anything that could be causing the issue. I hope someone can help me out in order to clarify this. Thank you all