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Creating a GeoSpatial Technology Syllabi Depository - We need your help

Question asked by tmueller on Mar 5, 2015

Dear GIST educators (Sorry for Cross Postings)


On behalf of National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence (GeoTech Center) (, we would like to establish a national database for GIST and geospatial technology syllabi. The new database will be accessible by anyone desiring to observe geospatial syllabi from higher education institutions.


If you are interested, please send your geospatial technology syllabi (from GIS, remote sensing, spatial analyses courses, etc.) as PDFs as well as a logo (.jpg preferred) from your institution to be posted on the GeoTech Center website. Please complete the attached cover sheet and include with your e-mail. When sending the syllabi could you also please include the following information for each course?(Information below also included at the following website:



1) Level of course?


        Non-credit, Certificate course or Workforce Training


        Introductory undergraduate (100- or 200-level)


        Advanced undergraduate (300- or 400-level)







2) Two or three key words describing the course (i.e., remote sensing, spatial analysis, geospatial programming, etc.)


3) Any prerequisites? (Yes/No) and please list them including name and course number.


4) Is the course used for a General Education Program? (Yes/No)


5) Is there a formal agreement in place for this course to be transferable to another institution?  (i.e., articulation) (Yes /No) If so, what institution(s)?


So why would your institution want to participate?  Well, your school and its courses will be advertised on the GeoTech Center website and it also may help other schools see collaborations in nearby schools. A field will also be added to the National Program Locator Map to show that Syllabi have been posted.


Please be aware, by publishing these syllabi, the GeoTech Center is NOT endorsing any courses, programs, etc. This is simply a depository and the GeoTech Center agrees not to alter syllabi in any way before posting.


Please email geospatial syllabi, the completed one-page form, and your institution’s logo to us at:<>


Questions about the GeoTech Center Geospatial Syllabi Depository?<>


Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing your syllabi.


  1. Dr. Tom Mueller, GISP

GIS Professor

California University of Pennsylvania