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Network Analyst Closest Facility Tool issues

Question asked by natb02 on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by natb02

I have a very large road dataset (western oregon and washington), 100 sawmills to act as "facilities" and 2500 forest landings to act as "incidents".  I want to find the quickest route from each forest landing to each sawmill, so I have been using the Closest Facility tool. To make sure the program runs correctly, I have been doing initial test runs with 3 facilities and 6 incidents, so I should end up with 18 routes.  Initially I was not using a road hierarchy, but that resulted in some routes obviously not being the shortest path to a facility.  Last night I set up a road hierarchy, and now the shortest paths are shown, but the program is not routing anything to one of my facilities (I made sure it is snapped to the road network) and it only resulted in 5 routes (4 of the 6 incidents going to 1 facility and 1 incident going to another facility).  In the Closest Facility Analysis Settings, I tried running it from Incident to Facility with Facilities to Find = 3, and from Facility to Incident with Facilities to Find = 6.  Please help! I've been fighting with this road network and program for the past month and need to finish this part of my project!!