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How to change the default uppercase of a physicalname of a sde table?

Question asked by dstajanesri-ca-esridist Employee on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by timothy_hales-esristaff

Hi There,


I have a sqlserver enterprise geodatabase.  When I create a table or featureclass using arcpy, I use camel case syntax for the name. ArcGIS displays the name as I entered it but when I view the dataset through sqlserver management studio I'm noticing the table name is in all uppercase.  When I look at the items table it shows that the 'physicalname' of the table is different than the 'name' of the table.  I'm assuming ArcGIS knows to display the table as that name alias.  Is there a wayto change this default behaviour and have the physical table match the case of the name used in ArcGIS?